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Rogue Star

F September 14, 2016
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Rogue Star


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Michael Flynn opened his saga of near-future technology and space exploration with Firestar, in which he introduced a set of characters orbiting around one powerful and determined woman: Mariesa van Huyten, who is obsessed with the need to get humanity back into space and to save Earth from disaster. In Rogue Star, van Huyten's struggles continue.

Three astronauts are headed out beyond Mars on the first human trip to the asteroid belt. In orbit around Earth, a construction crew is building the first permanent space station, owned by van Huyten's consortium. Meanwhile, the president of the United States is trying to force her into making a secret deal to put weapons in orbit so he can intervene in the ongoing wars.

Van Huyten's plan is in place -- and some people will kill to stop it.

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Solid continuation about space exploration becoming a mature industry
(Updated: November 02, 2016)

Rogue Star by Michael Flynn is the very good second book that continues the story started in Firestar. Whereas Firestar began the story of private space flights Rogue Star focuses on a long space flight to explore an asteroid. 
I enjoy these books because the stories and characters are so lifelike. For example, a group of three astronauts are on a trip to a passing asteroid and you learn a lot about their personalities and fears along with some secrets that I won't reveal about the asteroid itself. You also find out more about Mariesa van Huyten, the CEO of the conglomerate that kick started a new golden age of space exploration. In this second book she is challenged by the President of the United States himself who wants to start up the "Star Wars"" program of the 1980s again. Her decision will affect her position in her company while her fear of pending asteroid strikes make others question her sanity. You also read about some of the men working on the orbiting space station which gives you a picture of the impact of the new technologies on the "common" man. 
I liked Rogue Star as a good continuation of the first book Firestar. The space program has evolved to become a mature industry. The book is a solid, enjoyable read of the near future which will definitely include space exploration. It isn't a fast-paced, thrilling book though so I give it four out of five stars.

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